Create impressive looking designs for your seats
Do you want an impressive way to display your company logo? Laminations offer the ideal way of re-enforcing your company brand, with visually effective designs that really stand out. With laminations from Ideal Aerospace Ltd in Birmingham, you can take advantage of our in house lamination services to display your company logo on aircraft seating.

Specially made tools and stitches for that extra touch of quality

The process involves bonding material and foam together before being placed in a hot press machine using specific temperature and pressure. This means that as well as using lamination techniques to display your company logo you can use laminations to create attractive style lines on seating for a truly sophisticated look. Using special made tools and stiches, you can have a lamination created using either fabric or leather.

Our lamination services include:
Leather lamination-Fabric lamination
company logos
Style lines
Impressive designs



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